educational game about ecology
Save the Earth
Eco initiatives
Learn from this game about numerous real ecological problems and the ways to solve them. Over 120+ eco projects are waiting for you in this game.
Implement eco projects in all regions of the Earth, send volunteers to solve special problems, don't stay indifferent to the events of crucial importance.
Each of your action has its consequence. Watch the Earth changing upon taking initiatives.
Your task is to restore and stabilize ecological situation on the planet.
We do not stay indifferent to the problems of the environment! The funds from selling this game we use for charity activities that help our planet and its inhabitants.
With the help of "Save the Earth" game we want to share information about ecological problems and the ways to solve them.
We know that this type of information channeling is the best nowadays.

We accomplish good deeds together with our players!
Our goal — to provide real help
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